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WebAwards Gives 3 Honors to A&T

Alexander & Tom, Inc. (A&T) designed and built a microsite for The U.S. National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (U.S. ICOMOS) to promote World Heritage Day. This non-profit website was awarded the title and honor, "Best Environmental Website". The website showcases 23 historical “sites” throughout the U.S. that are being preserved by U.S. ICOMOS, a non-profit organization. The microsite’s purpose is to generate awareness for each “site” in its natural presence as well as motivate the public to donate, become a USICOMOS member and help national preservation efforts.

A&T was also recognized with a top award for our creation of five educational, multimedia programs for on the National Park Service’s (NPS) Shenandoah National Park website. Features include an expansive, interactive timeline, maps with multiple clickable land tracts, a historical match game and a series of short testimonial videos (that provided perspectives from previous Shenandoah residents). Goals for the project include educating and showcasing the important aspects of the park’s establishment, relocation of residents as well as providing an intuitive user experience for audiences of all ages.

A&T’s very own Innerspace Scanning website, designed to showcase our Matterport technology capabilities and skills, received an award of Excellence. The website was recognized specifically for its design, innovation and use of technology. The site consists of five interactive tours; educational, historic, residential, commercial, and craft. Using Matterport cameras, we create detailed 360-degree scans of various interior spaces.

See the award-winning sites:

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Becca Melrath

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