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Are Webinars Right for Your Business?

According to AdWeek, “in 2000, consumers averaged a 12 second attention span. Today, the average attention span has dropped to only 8 seconds – less than that of a goldfish.” While there are many reasons for these shortened attention spans, one thing remains constant: it’s critical that marketers differentiate themselves quickly in order to grab their audience’s attention. To achieve this, marketers must deliver relevant and engaging content across multiple channels, using different mediums.

One medium that is often overlooked is the webinar. While not a marketing breakthrough, webinars present a unique opportunity to capture a consumer for extended periods of time. Webinars also allow you to bring your followers from different social platforms together. This allows you to engage with your audiences from all platforms and gain priceless feedback. Talking with your potential customers will give you insight into your brand perception and lead nurturing. This feedback also enables you to learn how you can more efficiently guide your leads through their buying journey.

Of course, hosting a webinar comes with its own unique challenges and it can take a lot more work than anticipated. Producing and hosting a webinar is more than a simple demonstration or gathering of experts that speak for an hour. A successful webinar requires careful planning, promotion, content creation, and collaboration from every party involved.

Before you commit to running a webinar, do your research and make sure it is the right marketing tool for your business. Would your audience benefit from the interactivity of a webinar, or would your energy be better spent on a blog post, whitepaper, or e-book? Don’t rack your brain, below are some points to help you decide if the capabilities of webinars outweigh the time and effort for your business.

When do webinars work for your business?


You have webinar-friendly topics 
  • A good webinar topic is one that can potentially be confusing to your consumers or audience if explained on paper, but is a critical part of your businesses success. Instead of creating a long e-book, a short webinar tutorial might make more sense. The conversational nature of webinars adds value for your audience by making them feel like they are involved in more of a workshop than a simple tutorial.
  • If you want to create an engaging series of webinars, you should make a list of topics that not only demonstrate the capabilities of your business, but also your industry knowledge.

Your audience enjoys conversation 

  • There’s simply no better tool to get a focused conversation going than a webinar. While social platforms like YouTube allow for comments and questions, they’re not in real time and answers aren’t immediate.
  • Conducting a live Q&A can help you address questions about your topic and facilitate more engagement between your brand and audience.
  • Running an engaging webinar can also help your social media efforts. Whether you decide to promote your webinar with a specific hashtag, or ask attendees to answer questions during the webinar via twitter, constant connection will help keep the conversation exciting and relevant.

You're able to partner up

  • Creating content with a partner is a great way to reach a new audience and boost your brand or product. Having an expert with industry-specific name recognition will help you gain more registrants and attendees. Another option could be to pull in an influence marketer, or someone your prospects trust who isn’t a part of your company.
  • For more information on influencer marketing, check out our recent blog post,  Influencer Marketing: is the Gain Worth the Risk?
  • If you can obtain an expert speaker, think about possible topics that would allow each partner to voice their expertise and ultimately add as much value for viewers as possible. Webinars are unique in that they allow for multiple inputs and insights on any given topic at the same time. This collaboration and conversation can spark interest and boost your webinars engagement.

You can promote a follow-up

  • Promotion takes time, but having killer copy, a landing page, email promotion, a blog post that relates to your webinar, all compliment the live webinar. Moreover, these help in post-webinar efforts, too, which should include thank you emails accompanied with other collateral of interest.

You have the time and the team 

  • Are you a one-person operation with little to no help in the way of marketing, or do you have a robust team of seasoned veterans? Chances are, it’s somewhere in the middle, which it okay. Make sure to clear some time from your teams schedule to adequately prepare for your webinar. Preparation should begin no later than 8 weeks out from your desired live dates. For a full webinar checklist, check out this infographic.

When won't webinars work for your business?


You can't measure ROI
  • Return on investment varies from business to business. Perhaps you’d like to acquire the most qualified leads possible, while another business is looking for exposure through high attendance numbers. There are a multitude of ways you can track ROI, but not knowing what you’re looking for and how to reach these goals sets yourself up to fail.

You can't capture an audience's attention 

  • Creating valuable content that helps your lead through the buyer’s journey is imperative. Not being able to capture the attention of your audience negates all the hard work you’ve done. There must be a need for the webinar and a catch to draw people in. Should your product lack the appeal necessary to get people interested in your webinar, then hosting a webinar is probably not right for you.

You simply dont have the resources 

  • Are you new to your industry, have a scarce contact list, no information on guest speakers? Are you part of a small team that is barely keeping things afloat? Perhaps your time may be better spent focusing on your core competencies when it comes to advertising.
  • However, not having the resources doesn’t have to hold you back. There are platforms and teams who can work with you to produce a high-quality webinar. At A+T we pride ourselves on being one of those teams. From finding speakers to promoting your webinar, we can do it all. Should you have an interest in hosting a webinar, but need some help, or just want to get a leg up, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Written February 12, 2018 by

Sophia Aguirre

Intern at A+T and soon-to-be university graduate. Creative contribution: somewhere between Don Draper and Dick Whitman.

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