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A&T Brings Home Three New Honors!

A&T Honored Twice at the 2018 Addy Awards

The web design and development teams at Alexander & Tom Digital were honored with two new Addy Awards this month. These Addy Awards, presented by the American Advertising Federation recognize excellence in digital advertising communications.

The A&T web team received a Gold Addy for their work on the Shenandoah National Park website and a Silver Addy Award in Public Service Online/Interactive for the website for World Heritage Day.

The National Park Service’s Shenandoah National Park website was designed to educate viewers about the park’s history and showcase its natural beauty. The website contains innovative online educational components, designed to complement classroom curriculums for elementary and middle school students. The educational content features online multimedia components, engaging videos, interactive timelines and quizzes. Although designed to complement classroom activities, the rich storytelling style will engage web visitors of all ages.

The Silver Addy honor went to the website for World Heritage Day. World Heritage Day celebrates humanity’s global, cultural and natural treasures. World Heritage Sites, such as the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, The Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall and the architecture of Machu Picchu are selected to represent the greatest cultural and natural treasures of mankind. This World Heritage Day site for the United States, features 23 sites on the UNESCO (United Nations) list of global heritage treasures. The website, sponsored by the U.S. division of the International Council of Monuments and Sites, is a feature of the Council’s education and fundraising efforts, designed to protect these landmarks for all future generations. World Heritage Day is April 18th, 2018… mark you calendar! Get out and visit a site near you.

Congratulations to The National Park Service, U.S. ICOMOS, and A+T’s talented web design and development teams on their award-winning efforts.


A&T Takes a Top Honor at this Year's Baltimore AMA's 

Alexander & Tom Digital (A&T) was honored with the American Marketing Association’s for Marketing Excellence Award for their work on behalf of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, also known as EXIM. This is the second time in two years that A&T has been honored in this category.

Alexander & Tom Digital was brought onboard to help EXIM improve their visibility, reset their image, and create an effective and fast-moving digital marketing campaign to reach the thousands of small U.S.-based manufacturers that could benefit for the bank’s services.

The digital marketing campaign for The Export-Import Bank was honored for its outstanding measurable results. Using a wide variety of digital platforms such as SEO/SEM campaigns, social media outreach, and digital tools such as online marketing automation and live online webinars, the A&T digital marketing team reached small business manufacturers in record numbers. The results clocked in at 140% of the goal. This campaign connected many U.S.-based small businesses to EXIM’s export assistance services, which include free resources, expert professional assistance, and international business connections, to support and ensure the future of American manufacturing and American exporters.

Congrats to the EXIM team and the A&T Digital Marketing team!

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Becca Melrath

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